Viking Stove Repair.

Viking Stove Repair.

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No matter how great Viking’s products are you will eventually need a Viking stove repair. Viking stoves are well known for their durability, accurate temperatures, and effortless use. Years before becoming a leading brand for household appliances, Viking was only for commercial use so you know that Viking was a successful and dependable brand. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that parts may not work properly with continued use. At Viking Service PRO we understand that the main focus of your kitchen is the stove. It’s where you fry, sauté, boil, and bake everything you or your family eats. It is the most used and most important appliance in the house.

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Can you imagine your daily life without a stove? Bet you can’t. Thats because you rely on it heavily to cook for yourself and your family. Especially in this day and age, there is a lot of emphasis on healthy home prepared meals. We are certain you don’t to put the dangerous chemicals and preservatives added to fast food. That’s why you invested in a Viking stove to assist in you in making memorable dishes. With the right appliances, you’ll enjoy cooking more than you ever have.

When you feel that you need a Viking stove repair, first check for the smell of leaking gas. If you do suspect there is a gas leak call the gas company immediately so you can safely shut off the gas supply. Also, remember to have adequate ventilation in the house to prevent harmful gas inhalation. Then give us a call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. In the case of a Viking stove service, it is even more crucial to call promptly to prevent a potential disaster.

Whether you own a free-standing range, range top, or a cooktop, we can take care of all your repair needs. You should also consider regular scheduled maintenances to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your appliances. Our highly trained and well-experienced Viking  service men will check everything from top to bottom and help you keep your appliances in the best possible condition. Fixing a complex machine is no joke and should only be left to those who are qualified to do the job.

A Viking stove repair does not have to be an overly stressful situation. Our technicians are always updating their education and training to provide the best solutions for your Viking appliances. Did we mention that besides stoves, we also service Viking ovens, microwaves, warmer drawers, cooktops, range tops, and free-standing ranges. You got that right! You can come to us for all of service repair needs, not just for your Viking stove repair. The right repairman will assess anything that is malfunctioning with your stove. This way we can save you the hassle of much bigger expenses in the future and extend the life of your stove.

Some common problems with a Viking stove could be:

  • failing working heating element
  • damaged electrical system
  • strange noises
  • gas burners that randomly turn off
  • no self-ignition
  • inconsistent temperature of heating units 
  • non-extinguishing heating unit  

A call to our Viking service center (800) 838-9222 will get you a prompt appointment. We’ll have your appliance in working order sooner than you could imagine. Regular maintenance will keep you from spending more money for replacements. Once our Viking appliance technicians arrive they can give you several useful tips on how to take care of your appliances.

  • Regularly cleaning your stove can prevent food from building up in the cracks and crevices.
  • Also, take advantage of the self-clean option for the oven. Clean the inner rim of the oven door as well to prevent build-up.
  • Check hinges to make sure nothing is worn out or rusty. You can also spray lubricating liquid in case things are a bit squeaky.  

Above all, we cannot stress how important maintenance visits are. People go to the doctor to make sure everything in the body is properly balanced before you are faced with a major event. In the same way, you can schedule check ups to make sure your Viking appliances are in superb condition.

Our technicians are leaders in their job and take everything they do seriously. Simply put we are masters at our craft. We are not here to waste your time because we know that you have a busy life and numerous errands to run. You can trust us to make an appointment that works with your schedule and to not keep you waiting for your Viking stove service. Our professional repairmen will be at your door on time and prepared. No messes, no troubles, no headaches.

We guarantee that you will be wholly satisfied with your experience with us. You can count us to fix all problems, whether large or small, affordably and professionally. So don’t even consider the other guys to handle your Viking appliances because they may not have the years of experience and certification to do that. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and you won’t have any regrets.

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